Music and Arts Festival - April 1 - April 17, 2019

The Kiwanis Music and Arts Festival of St. Catharines

Students who have put "tba" as their selection title:

If you have any selection updates please email Claudette no later than March 26th.


Guitar, Band, Woodwinds 2019 Schedule

Speech Arts 2019 Schedule

Strings 2019 Schedule

Piano 2019 Schedule 10:28am March 16th change was made (Wednesday April 10th class #38 start time has been corrected to 10:57am)

Voice / Musical Theatre 2019 Schedule 8:23pm March 15th - small changes have been made to classes 125mt, 111mt, 126mt, 112mt)


New Marking System: There will no longer be 1st, 2nd or 3rd placement due to having multilple classes with only one participant. Marking classification is as follows:

Platinum - Superior 92 – 100

Gold - Excellent 88 – 91

Silver - Very Good 85 – 87

Bronze - Good 80 – 84




2019 Registration now Closed